Probably the best steak in town!

When we first shared among our friends the Matsuzaka Beef we just had on social media, the unanimous reaction, including thumbs up from some of the seasoned beef aficionados and food connoisseurs that Bacchusj serves one of the best steaks in town is testimony enough on the quality of their dishes, and the pride of their chef-owners from Japan!

A native from Yokohama, Japan, Chef Moka passion for Italian cuisine took him to the Italian city of Naples and Florence, where he met the lovely Noriko. We guessed their shared passion for fine Italian wine and dine brought them together. Subsequently, the couple decided to set up their own restaurant outside of Japan and were encouraged to do so in Singapore, before their consultants helped them to see the vast potential in opening their Italian restaurant in Johor. The benefits of quality education opportunities presented to their daughter in Iskandar Puteri also swayed their decision towards JB. In 2014, Bacchusj opened for business in Bandar Uda Utama, before anchoring at the more scenic waterfront promenade in Puteri Harbour!

Be sure to check out this Matsusaka Wagyu beef, also known as “The Queen of Dignity” and widely recognised as one of the top three beef in Japan. Typically fed with beer & wheat, receive massages and listen to Mozart’s symphonies for relaxation, these cattle definitely have better lives than us which goes a long way in justifying their hefty price of nearly RM400 per 100g!

This slab of meat on the tray alone weighs about 5kg and easily cost nearly RM20K!!! No way are we going to let it slip through our butter fingers LOL!

To know how this “holy cow” taste like, and the other chef’s specialities on their menu, visit:

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